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Welcome on WindMig!

If hunting and watching birds currently migrating in your region is your passion then you are at the right place. WindMig is the website that allows you to follow the bird migration in Europe in a simple and detailed way.

If you just want to surf on the website, choose the game you are interested in and walk around the calendar to observe the different movements.

Zoom and move within the maps: a table gathering all observations updates automatically.Move your mouse over the table to plot the observations on the map.The colour of the markers change with the intensity of the observed movement. Put your mouse over themarkers to get more information.

You want to contribute to WindMig and add your own observations? Create an account, choose the spots on the mapwhere you want to perform your observations and share the number of birds you see. It is very easy.

WindMig allows you also to get detailed weather forecasts for any european zone. Just decide which spots you want to follow.

You can also create weather forecast alerts for these spots on the basis of your own criteria: direction and strength ofthe wind, temperature, etc. You receive a daily email when your criteria are verified.

A forum is available to share with the other members about hunting, migration and weather.

We wish you the best observations and the best weather!

If you have any issue concerning the use of WindMig, please don't hesitate to send an email to the webmaster at the following adress: detoldim@gmail.com.

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WindMig is a website for observations. I thus add only observations and not bags. Hunting as fishing are natural and legal acts but bags can be used in dishonest way by badly disposed people.

The forum of WindMig is a place of courteous exchange without aggressiveness nor insults. I try to always keep this constructive attitude. I also try to write without abbreviations.

I understand that any observation or message spreading of these principles will be removed without notice.

I accept this charter by ticking:

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